Creative Nonfiction


-Sacrifice to Sustain- in Bird’s Thumb Issue 1 (February 2014) Pushcart Prize Nomination

-Odd Jobs- in Work Issue 5.16 (December 2013)

-Home Sweet Home at Midnight- in Crunchable Volume VI, Issue 6 (November 2013)

-Searching for Silence- in Minerva Rising Issue 4 (Fall 2013)

-The Mongolian Word for Faux Pas- in Meat for Tea: The Valley Review Volume 7, Issue 3 (October 2013)

-golpe de calor- in S/tick Issue 1.3 (Torn)

-TLC, the Relationship Guru- in The Bygone Bureau (August 2013)

-Deracinated Emplacement- in Gravel: A Literary Journal (August 2013)

Kuskokwim, for JM in NORTHWIND Magazine Issue 7 (Summer 2013)

-Holding On- in Great Lakes Review Volume 1, Issue 2 (May 2013)

-Sins of Our Fathers- in ECLECTICA Magazine Volume 17, Number 2 (Apr/May 2013) Best of the Net Anthology Nomination

-Nitawahsi- in Imagination & Place: Cartography (February 2013)

-Where There Are No Roads, The Road Not Taken- in Written River Volume 3, Issue 2 (December 2012)

-A Furry Diatribe- in The Destroyer Volume 2.1 (November 2012)

-Surgery of Place- in South Loop Review Volume 14 (November 2012) Pushcart Prize Nomination

-Brief from Oma- in Toasted Cheese Literary Journal Volume 12, Issue 3 (September 2012) Winner of the Toasted Cheese Literary Journal’s 2012 A Midsummer Tale Writing Contest

Flash Nonfiction

-Recession: The Great Wall- in Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine Issue 15 (Fall 2013)

-Vienna Through the Window- in Hoot Volume 15 (December 2012)

-Separate- in apt (November 2012)


-Then and Now- performed at Riverside Theatre’s Walking the Wire Monologue Festival (February 2014)


Women Are More Dangerous Than Shotguns (2016)